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Craft an Original at Rolls-Royce MotorCars of Atlanta

An Introduction to Possibility — The World of Bespoke

Craft an Original at Rolls-Royce MotorCars of Atlanta

Just when you thought that it couldn’t be done, the standard has been set even higher with the introduction of the Rolls-Royce Bespoke experience. Burden yourself with limitations of the past no longer. The unique craftsmanship of the Bespoke models is here in Atlanta, GA, pulling you in with its promise for a rich, new utopian of luxury. Where will you find inspiration?

MotorCars of Atlanta offers our guests the Bespoke experience, a one-of-a-kind opportunity to collaborate with the world’s best artisans, curators and designers that make up the Bespoke team. Craft your own Rolls-Royce, and watch your envisagement come to life. Built upon the fantasy and imagination of some of our most creative guests, Bespoke is the way to express what you’ve always wanted to say but could never quite articulate in the confines of human language. Find inspiration from distant lands in their forms, shapes, colors and perspectives, and together with the Bespoke team, create something entirely new.

The Exclusivity of Coachbuild

The Exclusivity of Coachbuild

What else is the purest representation of luxury if not a Rolls-Royce? Bring your dreams to life with the Coachbuild program, the more exclusive chapter of Bespoke that offers a direct connection between our guests and curators of Rolls-Royce. The same collaboration project that gave the world a glimpse (and delighted one lucky patron) of Sweptail, the rare motor car that sent a ripple through critics and clients with its artful composition, Coachbuild is a step further in the creative process of Bespoke. You’ll find at your fingertips everything from the first conceptual design — the first time pencil touches paper — to the final coachline painstoke. Start envisaging with Coachbuild.

Accessories in Bespoke

No shelf stocks these handcrafted accessories. Design upon your request, give your Rolls-Royce another personal touch.

  • Personalised cushions
  • Stitched luggage
  • Illuminated treadplates
  • Indoor car covers
  • Embroidered headrests
  • Monogrammed glove box lids
  • And more
Accessories in Bespoke

Have further questions about Bespoke models? We can answer them. Give us a telephone or stop by our dealership at 7865 Roswell Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30350. We look forward to serving you.

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