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Ceramic Coating in Atlanta, GA

Ceramic Coating Application in Atlanta, GA

If you’ve recently purchased a new exotic model from our showroom at MotorCars of Atlanta, we hope to see you soon for your regularly scheduled maintenance and repair — including paint protection. While you can request a paint protection service at signing, our ceramic coating application is available at any point in your exotic ownership experience. Some of the products we use even come with their own manufacturer warranty, so you’ll enjoy all-around protection. Curious to discover what this exclusive service is and how it can benefit you? Keep reading.

Ceramic Coating Special near Atlanta GA

What is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating is similar to a semi-permanent wax coating that protects your luxurious exterior paint from fading, water spots, UV rays and other natural environment pollutants. It can be applied to nearly every exterior surface of your model, including the glass. Ceramic coating is hydrophobic, meaning it resists water molecules, so when it rains, you’ll notice water droplets bead together and slip off the shiny surface of your vehicle. This coating carries many self-cleaning characteristics, so while you’ll still need to have your model detailed and washed regularly, ceramic coating makes it easier. Plus, you won’t need to have your vehicle waxed.

Why Should I Ask for a Ceramic Coating Application?

Ceramic coating offers first-class protection against the elements. Your exotic model deserves the best treatment after it leaves our showroom, and you’ll have to agree that the exterior paint is one of the first things your admirers will notice. Why not give them a show?

Our team at MotorCars of Atlanta are professionals with the knowledge and skills to apply ceramic coating currently, so while we enjoy empowering our guests to complete DIY projects with our genuine parts, we recommend leaving the exterior paint of your model to us. Temperature, humidity and the cleanliness of your vehicle will all affect the finished product. It will only take a few hours for full installation and a few days to cure. Once returned, you’ll enjoy a glossy, protected surface on your model’s exterior paint.

If you have any questions about why you should ask for a ceramic coating on your exotic model’s exterior paint, contact us directly or stop by MotorCars of Atlanta at 7865 Roswell Rd. NE, Atlanta, GA 30350. We look forward to serving you.