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McLaren Extended Service Contract | Atlanta GA

Driving reassurance from Mclaren

McLaren Extended Service Contract

So what can you expect when you purchase a McLaren Extended Service Contract? Many things. From roadside assistance (available only in select markets) to repairs completed by only Academy-trained technicians, there are many benefits to additional coverage.

McLaren Genuine Parts used every time.

We’re of the belief that your McLaren could never wear a part that’s not a McLaren Genuine Part — that’s why we honor your model’s precise engineering with nothing less.

Onward journey assistance.

In the event that a repair takes longer than expected, onward journey assistance includes travel and accommodation (available only in select markets).

Roadside assistance.

Should any issues arise on the road, you can have even more peace of mind that a Mclaren expert will be on hand with roadside assistance (available only in select markets).

Annual mileage coverage.

Take the long route with your annual mileage coverage of up to 12,000 miles.

A Few Exclusions

The McLaren Extended Service Contract offers almost the same extensive coverage level as the McLaren Warranty. There are just a few exclusions, such as:

  • Batteries, tires, wheels & wheel balancing or alignment
  • Windscreen and glass
  • Bodywork, paintwork, trim & upholstery
  • Aftermarket accessories, or non-original equipment, components & systems that haven’t been installed by McLaren
  • General wear & tear
  • Water ingress
  • Software upgrades, unless part of a valid claim
  • Gas charged accumulators & spheres

Coverage and Eligibility

After 90 days of ownership and right up until your McLaren turns 10 years old, you can begin your Extended Service Contract policy at any point in your McLaren ownership. Policy terms are dependent on a few factors: how many miles you’ve covered, the age of your McLaren and whether you already have McLaren Warranty coverage or a McLaren Extended Service Contract purchased. Curious to learn the details? Below we’ve graphed what you can expect based on your McLaren model’s age, mileage, annual mileage limit and policy length.