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2021 McLaren Artura Preview

Reserve your 2021 McLaren Artura at McLaren Atlanta

A fusion of everything McLaren engineers and designers have ever learned, the all-new Artura will be a sight to behold. This High Performance Hybrid (HPH) supercar has been teased to impatient patrons (and the world) for months, and we’re sure that our guests feel no differently.

Will you be one of the first to see the new Artura?

A Supercar for a New Era

The Name of Progress

It’s an all-new supercar. Said to have a new V-6 engine with a fully electric on-road driving mode, the 2021 McLaren Artura is diving away from its pre-existing gas-powered V-8 and revolutionizing the hybrid supercar. Designed to be even lighter, the carbon-fiber-bodied Artura has track speeds on the mind, and it's this race-honed agility that has us anxious to finally see its unveiling. Artura: The full force of McLaren.

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