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2021 McLaren Artura

Reserve your 2021 McLaren Artura at MotorCars of Atlanta

A fusion of everything McLaren engineers and designers have ever learned, the all-new Artura is a sight to behold. This High Performance Hybrid (HPH) supercar has been teased to impatient patrons (and the world) for months, and we’re sure that our guests from Buckhead and Alpharetta have felt no differently. McLaren has revealed the Artura to be a blend of two technologies: a plug-in hybrid and an ultra-light supercar. Sporting the new V6 with twin turbochargers in combination with a potent E-Motor, the Artura produces a stunning 671 horsepower and a top speed of 205 mph. Plus, it holds the title of the lightest plug-in hybrid supercar with a dry weight of just 3,075.45 pounds. Low and lean, this new interpretation of the supercar redefines agility and efficiency, power and control.

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A Supercar for a New Era

Functional. Beautiful. Lean and light. The exterior of the Artura has the McLaren’s design language sculpted in everything from the split-level diffuser to the aerodynamic intakes. Simplicity and elegance. The long, low, sleek nose and staggered wheel sizes give the Artura the appearance that at any moment, it will leap into action with only one thought: acceleration.

McLaren Artura Highlights

Step inside the exquisite interior, and you’ll quickly notice that it’s all about purity. Refined with quality materials throughout, the Artura brings an entirely new level of driver focus. Major driving controls are connected to the instrument cluster rather than the steering wheel, leaving your focus firmly on the drive alone. Also featuring the new McLaren Clubsport seat design, the Artura invites a comfortable seat.

Two crisp HD screens close the space between the driver and the car, displaying rich colors, sharp resolution and 3D graphics. Infotainment is transformed with the latest McLaren Track Telemetry, Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™, Emergency Call and natural language voice control.

Designed to be even lighter, the carbon-fiber-bodied Artura has track speeds on the mind, and it's this race-honed agility that has us anxious to try out its capabilities ourselves. Unless, of course, if you’d like to go first. Choose between four driving modes, E Mode, Comfort, Sport and Track, and explore the responsiveness, balance and power of your gorgeous machine.

The Name of Progress

Interested in reserving the highly anticipated 2021 McLaren Artura? Contact us directly to register your interest. MotorCars of Atlanta is located at 7865 Roswell Rd. NE, Atlanta, GA 30350, We look forward to serving our luxury clients from the Metro Atlanta area.

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